YAY: Pokemon and Quentin Devine Achieve NEW Trading Card Mosaic World Record


Quentin Devine is a Surrey (UK) based artist, animator and designer who just recently achieved a new Trading Card Guinness World Record, by creating a super huge and brand new Pokemon Trading Card Mosaic

Kids helping to lay out the final cards for the huge Pokemon mosaic. ©2016 Pokémon/Nintendo

Kids helping to lay out the final cards for the huge Pokemon mosaic. ©2016 Pokémon/Nintendo

The new and officially biggest trading card mosaic is made from 12,987 single cards of the Pokemon Card Game and has a size of 71.54 square meters. The piece has set a new Guinness World Record and shows Pikachu posing – the way we all know him best. The work has been unveiled in Paris today. It is ten meters high and seven meters wide.

Artist Quentin Devine in fron tof the finalized Pokemon mosaic. ©2016 Pokémon/Nintendo

Artist Quentin Devine in front of the finalized Pokemon mosaic. ©2016 Pokémon/Nintendo

Besides the fact that he is now in the Book of Guinness World Records, Quentin also states (on his website) that he „loved working with the Pokemon team and met some great characters along the journey (including Pikachu himself!).“

Pokemon itself is not a newbie to the World of World Records! According to guinnessworldrecords.com a great Pokemon Collector also made the news: Lisa Courtney (UK) owns the largest collection of Pokemon memorabilia: She had collected 14,410 different items from all over the world as of 14 October 2010. To go trophy hunting, Lisa even went on several trips to Japan to get her hands on special Pokemon merchandise and items.

As a game, Pokemon goes as the „Best-selling RPG series“ ever. Sales of the main series amount to 204.24 million worldwide and the TV spin-off is actually THE longest running videogame TV spin-off in the world. The first Pokemon anime aired in Japan on 1 April 1997. Ever since then 884 episodes across 18 seasons have aired worldwide (as of 30 July 2015).

The game even has a „heaviest Pokemon“: Groudon – weighing 950 kg (2,094 lb). But of course Pokemon doesn’t just rule the world of super-size – there are a few micro-size Pokemon facts as well: The artist Ruby „Lonelysouthpaw“ Huang (USA) has created numerous clay scupltures that on average measure between 2 – 5 mm in height. According to guinnessworldrecords.com, the smallest Pokemon in his collection, Voltorb, measurs 2 mm in height x 2 mm width x 2 mm depth (as of 5 January 2016).

19-year-old Ray Rizzo from the US holds his own personal record in the gaming section: On 11 August 2012 he defeated his rival in the Pokemon World Championship final and made champion for a third consecutive time.

To find out more about other Pokemon or recent World records, check out the website of www.guinnessworldrecords.com or click http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/search?term=trading+card+mosaic to see which other trading card world records exist on this planet.

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